Exhibitions 2021

Until april 4th: "Sale-exhibition"

Over the past year, due to the pandemic, the normal operations of our museum have been disrupted in many ways, from simple programming changes to the complete closure of our spaces and activities. Only our online presence has been able to be maintained without interruption and, even, increased in some respects.

In this context, our ability to raise funds has of course been impacted, as has our ability to showcase our artists. It is to remedy this double situation that we are launching an sale-exhibition project at the start of 2021 which, while offering different artists the opportunity to exhibit their works and sell them, will also allow at the Museum to raise funds. The exhibition features artists Cecilia Bazante, Gaëtan Bibeau, the late Alain Bissonnette, Guylaine Cliche, Mariette Giguère-Corriveau and Barbara Sala, as well as a selection of artists from the Jeannine-Blais Gallery, a generous ally of the MIANM.

The exhibition is accessible now both on our website and at the Museum.

From April 7 to June 13: First Temporary exhibition: "Gentlemen and ladies' Naivety"

Naive artists are mostly storytellers who present their vision of the world to us. Men or women, they reveal facets of their culture to us. But, do they present us the same? This is the question that this exhibition explores.

From April 7 to June 13: Second Temporary exhibition: "This World That Was Mine"

A sale-exhibition of fifteen large-format paintings by the painter Marcel Dargis.

From June 16 to September 12: "Akhmîm embroidery"

In Upper Egypt, in the city of Akhmîm, there is a group of women who produce exceptional paintings of naive art in embroidery. Coming from underprivileged backgrounds, they are self-taught and give free rein to their creativity, pursuing a thousand-year-old local tradition.

From September 15 to 19: "The painters of Thursday"

Participants in the MIANM painting workshops exhibit their works.

From September 22 to December 23: The Pocorobba-Beach collection