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From January 15 to March 15

"Childhood Memories"

Among the many sources of inspiration from which naive artists draw, childhood memories are privileged ones. Many examples of such works can be found in the MIANM’s Collection, reflections of various times, interests, activities and emotional states. Themes such as family, child play, school and holidays, or such as friendship and solitude, are among the most frequently found. Representing subjects or life experiences that are important to the artists who create them, these works provide insights into their respective personalities, as well as into the roots of their view of life and their art.



Friends of Naive Art, you have landed at the right place. Whether a professional artist, a Sunday painter, a collector, a gallery operator, a researcher, an educator, a student or passerby, there is something new to stir your curiosity. A wind of another kind is blowing from the paintings of our featured artists. You will be hard pressed to discover how everyday life can become a philosophical quest.

The Collection

Around 850 art works, more than 300 artists, 34 countries, 5 continents! Is there some serious thinking in this naive form of expression? Playfulness can rightly be expected, but subtle questioning of an era or society? Are there strange relationships to your own concerns and whereabouts? Dreams, empathy, desire to better the world and this strong urge to travel into foreign lands and minds are all there, ready to challenge you, as seen in this animation showcasing the permanent Exhibition or our permanent collection .

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While you can have a lot of fun exploring and personalizing the virtual Collection on this web site, to decipher the unusual and connect it with your personal mindscape, you must come face to face with our astonishing array of visual experiments at the Museum itself.

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